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AOL Mail: tanyaslogos@aol.com

Web Mail: tanya@tanyaslogos.com

Phone: (410) 641-2671

I try to make myself available 24 / 7 to my customers but my husband has this theory that I should sleep for a few hours each day.  (I like to humor him by grabbing around 5 to 7 daily.)

If you have a logo / HTML emergency in the middle of the night you might want to check out the eBay HTML board. There are a bunch of really helpful people over there that might be able to offer some help until I get back online.

I can be reached via e-Mail and by phone but I gotta warn ya, if you call before 12pm EST you will probably get this really strange woman I like to call Grumpy Tanya (she is my alter ego who goes to bed at 5am and wakes up at noon on random days.)

AOL customers will want to use my AOL address and they will want to TURN OFF their spam filters.   If you are using AOL's spam filters then you aren't getting half of your e-Mail.  (Oh who am I kidding, even if you aren't using their spam filters you aren't getting half of your e-Mail.)

My webmail is pretty reliable but I have been having a few issues here lately. A lovely spammer has decided to spoof my domain name and send out a bunch of emails encouraging folks to enlarge parts of their anatomy.  My host is taking steps to get this fixed and I should be back to perfect ASAP.

A good rule of thumb to remember is that if you e-Mail me and you don't hear back from me within a 24 hours - TRY AGAIN! I always answer emails that I recieve within 24 hours.

Now that you have all that lovely information - let the contacting begin!

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